Woodworker since 1974, Cutting Edge Laser has been in business in Boulder, CO. since 1981. Fine furniture making and precisely crafted jewelry boxes gained Jerry recognition at prestigious American Craft Council’s Gift Store on the east coast in the early 90’s and he exhibited fine crafted woodwork at Elegant Craft Galleries on the west coast such as Mendocino Art Gallery in northern California. When Better Homes and Garden’s Wood Magazine came to Boulder twice (1993 and 2000) to write Craftsman Profile features of Jerry’s work, he gained 20 years experience and completion of 10,000 jewelry boxes made of highly figured exotic, spalted, and burl woods.

It was in 1998 when Jerry researched and purchased his first CNC Laser Cutting & Engraving machine. As designing & crafting elegant art work moved him towards computer graphics designing, Jerry decided that CO2 laser work added an even more precision level of quality to his art expression. From woodworking’s accuracy of 1/16” and 1/32” to the laser’s accuracy of +/- .001”, Jerry is now able to achieve exacting inlays, precision press fit joints, elegant photo engraving, and 3D laser cut parts when supplying industries with very high demanding precision cut parts requirements.

Currently Cutting Edge Laser supplies many industries with production B2B laser cut parts. A few examples are: parts identifying engravings, Circuit Board Stencils, and high precision tool etching. Businesses requesting large amounts of work from Cutting Edge Laser include Electrical Engineering, OEM Manufacturing, and Printed Circuit Board Industries.

Innovative product/service design, precision work development & focused eye, leads Cutting Edge Laser to new accomplishments on a daily basis. Some current customers include NOAA, Microsoft, Boeing, REI, Lockheed Martin, UTC AeroSpace, and SA Robotics. Jerry’s other website, www.PCBStencils.com supplies SMT Stencils to Electrical Engineers PCBoard manufacturers & PCB component assemblers in all 50 USA States. Cutting Edge Laser also has PCB Stencil customers in 6 overseas countries, including Canada, and Mexico.